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Hello! Do you desperately need a greeting card but all your adorable local indie stationery stores are closed? What's a card-giving-inclined person in quarantine to do?! Well, you could do far worse than downloading one of these digital greeting cards I've made.

I myself had a birthday while sheltering-in-place and while I *did* get some snail mail cards (that are still hung up on my fridge) I 

I was asked to make a digital card for someone recently, and then made a few for other people and the response was positive so I thought "Imma do more of these, they're super-fun." And I love to have and also to spread fun. Plus, I've always thought there were some important card-appropriate occasions underserved by the global greeting card monopolies so here I am, righting a long-ignored wrong. I mean, I'm not in the office right now, I may as well use my digital design tools *somehow,* amirite? Of course I am!


If you feel so inclined, please consider Venmo-ing me a token of your appreciation @Maire-Kennedy-2 but hey, I can't force you, obviously. Do as your conscience dictates, haha. Oh, and by all means give me feedback on this and contact me directly (msmairekennedy@gmail) if you want a personalized name in your card or banner or what have you. Enjoy and stay safe out there! 

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